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Our Privacy Statement

Soteria Worldwide Security puts the safety and protection of personal information in high regard. Our clients and prospects can find assurance that employees and management respect any personal data. We are trusted to comply with every applicable privacy and protection law in any jurisdiction our business operates. The following Privacy Policy dictates how Soteria Worldwide Security collects, uses, discloses, and protects personal information.

Our Services

Soteria Worldwide Security provides a range of elite personal protection and security services. Our business offerings include, but are not limited to:

- Providing comprehensive close protection and private security to ensure client safety

- Designing, monitoring, and installing security systems

- Providing investigations into perceived security threats

- Facilitating risk management, mitigating risk, and providing consultation services identifying potential risks

The above services will continue to be referred to in this document as 'services.'

What is Personal Information?

'Personal information' described in this document is data about an individual. It presents to identify the person in question. The information about these individuals does not include any business contact details. That includes telephone numbers, digital contact mediums, addresses, or fax numbers, except as required by local law.

Consent to Privacy Policy Terms

Brandon's education in security and risk touches on all the core elements of a competent operative. He has a proven record of going above and beyond to fulfill client requests - through dedicated knowledge acquired through experience and multiple academic programs. His ability to absorb information and apply it to current situations has yielded superior results throughout his career. The institutions Brandon has studied are at the peak of reverence in the industry. He has completed safety courses - including action programs in arrests and seizures and physical training. He is proficient in reporting technologies and platforms that enhance personal and event security. Using any of Soteria Worldwide Security's services, communicating with any of our personnel, or registering to any digital platform, the user consents to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. The person also agrees to any collection, storing, and future use of any data provided to us.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

Users are subject to the collection of personal information through any of our platforms. The mediums in question include our website, social media, email communications, and custom-built applications. The data collected may feature names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant contact details. Any exchange of data transmitted over any communication medium - may also be retained.

Browsing Our Website

Browsing any website owned by Soteria Worldwide Security is subject to the collection of personal information. The data is collected automatically through the use of cookies -other methods of tracking may implement on the website, however. Beacons, pixels, and software tokens can be present at any page or application the user visits. Information transmitted includes analytical data - including engagement rates, click through data, website usage, and form fields. The statistics used are to improve user experiences and studied internally for future bettering of our services. Cookies are the primary source of the gathered information.The cookies we use may be different from those on other websites. Browsing the websites of Soteria Worldwide Security provides us with user consent to the use of these cookies. Should your internet platform block the use of cookies, you may not be able to access all parts of our website. Should you have any queries about how we use cookies or data, please contact our support team.

Personal Information Collected on Behalf of Clients

The field of industry that Soteria Worldwide Security renders services requires collecting client personal information and data on behalf of them. In parallel with contractual instructions, we may collect and use data found on recorded audio and video.

This information may include:

- Data acquired through contracted background checks - including client employees and applicants

- Identity, behavioral and location information of applicants and employees -

- Information about members of the public that associate with the client or use their facilities

- Mobile credential information used at client facilities - including biometrics and location

- Personal information regarding events that occurred at sites providing security services - including clients, employees, and members of the public

- Any information collected relevant to completing the contracted service

- Any information supplied to us by third party contractors as part of an investigation

- Data collected through online platforms or digital services

Personal information is collected with consent wherever possible. It is advisable that in the interest of service completion that data may be obtained without knowledge. We remind that every action adheres to every local law. Any concerns about our collection processes should direct to our client support team.

What Are The Purposes For Collecting, Using, and Disclosing Personal Information?

The personal information collected through the means outlined in this Privacy Policy discloses for reasons about business operations. Local authorities of governance may request information, which will only divulge where applicable. The purposes for collecting, using, and disclosing personal information include, but are not limited to:

- Data to support effective rendering of Soteria Worldwide Security's services -

- Information to streamline communication between clients, employees, and our personnel to improve our platforms, services, and internal and external protocols

- For any lawful request of information by local authorities or governments

Soteria Worldwide Security advises that personal information may transmit to third parties for multiple purposes. They may include marketing reasons, security interests, contracted services, database management - and payment and billing. The parties are the trusted clientele of our business, and data will only share when necessary to the operational efficiency.

How Do We Secure Personal Information?

We are committed to the protection of any personal information collected through our services or communication. Every precaution and the relevant procedure is in our guidelines to secure data in line with the local jurisdiction. Our protocols make profound efforts to prevent any breaches, including unauthorized access, collection, use, and similar risks.While security is our priority, the volatile nature of the internet may render data transmissions insecure. We cannot guarantee that any information transmitted to us is completely protected. The online safety team at Soteria Worldwide Security is in continual review of the latest practices to keep your personal information secure.

Accuracy of Personal Information

Soteria Worldwide Security uses every resource at our disposal to ensure your personal information is accurate. We strive to keep every detail up to date and may request additional data from time to time. Our personnel kindly ask that if your personal information does change, get in contact with us immediately.

International Data Transfers

The user acknowledges that any personal information may be stored or accessed outside of the operating jurisdiction. The collected data is subject to any local laws.Access may request by governments or local authorities. Should any such event occur, Soteria Worldwide Security must disclose any relevant information.

Questions, Corrections, or Request for Access

Should the user have any queries about the personal information collected, please visit our contact page. Our support team will process such requests within feasible time frames and as legally required. Please make any requests for the information in writing by email to the address outlined on the contact page.

How Long Do We Retain Personal Information?

Soteria Worldwide Security retains personal information as seen necessary by the terms stated in this Privacy Policy. Data is stored to ensure the efficiency of services and to fulfill current and futures contracts. Should any laws in the applicable jurisdiction require the continued storage of collected data, we adhere to the outlined instructions.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Our personnel understands that personal information and privacy is a sector subject to fast change. Soteria Worldwide Security makes every effort to stay up to date with local compliance laws. We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at anytime - and advise users to review this document regularly.

Terms and Conditions

The safety of personnel, including all employees and clients, are of utmost priority to Soteria Worldwide Security. Our team shares the vision of elite security services for individuals and groups requiring meticulous protection. Each operative in our business has years of experience in the personal security industry and executes all actions with qualifications and expertise.Soteria Worldwide Security's interests are in the fully-fledged protection of high-profile persons and valued assets. We use competent and capable personnel, state-of-the-art technology, and industry-standard techniques to fulfill all services. Our business has revered globally as security experts - and we are an agency trusted to deliver expected outcomes. Clients may use our services outlined in this document in compliance with these terms. Our team advises that 'services' may change over time as Soteria Worldwide Security adds more features or builds upon initial offerings. Services may cease, modify, expand or suspend at any time without notice.

Code of Ethics

We recognize that our primary responsibilities are the protection of life and property. In addition to our obligations - we prevent and minimize crimes against businesses, organizations, industries, and institutions. All operations guarantee to uphold and respect the law. The notion includes respect for the constitutional rights of all persons. Soteria Worldwide Security values the sense of integrity, honor, justice, and morality. Without fail, every service offered guarantees personnel trained with this code of conduct in mind. The values cover all interactions -personal, officials, governmental and clients, and employees. We adhere to all public responsibility. We strive to the best of our ability to deliver elite security services. Our teamworks tirelessly to improve their knowledge and skills in every field of personal protection. All demands, requirements, and contractual obligations will fulfill with service no less than what Soteria Worldwide Security is fully capable of offering. Soteria Worldwide Security prides itself on reliability - operating within the full scale of the law. We will continue to uphold the trust of our personnel, clients, and organizations. Our team will never order or condone violations of any jurisdiction. We will always respect the rights of others - this includes competitors and other private security firms. Equal opportunity employment and servicing are present in our guidelines.Soteria Worldwide Security will never discriminate based on age, race, sex, color, or creed. Salaries for employees provide in parallel with job experience, education, training, and competence in service responsibilities. No information, or services, will be withheld based on the discriminatory reasons outlined. We respect the rule of law in any jurisdiction of operations. Soteria WorldwideSecurity underlines the promise to cooperate with any official or contracted authorities and criminal justice agencies. We will always comply with security and registration laws applying to our services and other statutory requirements outlined in the jurisdiction. We will maintain the protection and security of information of employees, clients, and associates beyond the term of employment and contract.Exceptions include where authorities submit lawful requests for information disclosure. Furthermore, should there be a direct breach of our Code of Ethics- data may feature in reports. Professionalism presents in high regard at Soteria Worldwide Security. Our personnel will always perform duties to the peak of professional standards -between clients, employees, and other security firms alike. We promise to treat all associates related to our business with the utmost respect and consideration.

Grant of License

The terms of use in this document present a license offering complete and permissive use of our websites. The license is personal, non-transferable, revocable, and non-exclusive. Your continued permissions base on compliance with our Terms of Use - and subject to termination should there be any breaches in the set-out terms. These permissions offer irregular and occasional access to our materials for personal and non-commercial use. Users may download website data provided the user does not obscure, alter or remove any copyrighted assets. Internal businesses also granted this license considering there is no malicious or commercial intent behind the material usage.

Intellectual Property Rights

The website lists under copyright laws of the United States of America and is protected.Other digital and physical assets apply to protective measures - including logos, slogans, trademarks, or other distinctive properties. Soteria Worldwide Security owns the content - and may not be used or copied for any purpose except where there is express permission or written consent.All materials found within our website are copyrighted - owned by Soteria WorldwideSecurity. By accessing our website, the user agrees to abide by laws about intellectual property rights. Users may download or make copies of content provided that there is no commercial or malicious intent behind the actions.

Assumption of Risk; Your Acknowledgements

The user agrees that they use our website at their own risk, and they are subject to all local and international laws. Soteria Worldwide Security strives to present a trusted and reliable online asset for users - but security is not guaranteed while browsing.Transmitted data over your internet connection may not be confidential. Soteria Worldwide Security cannot be held responsible for any insecure transmissions of data or any inaccurate information displayed. We take no liability in interrupted connections or anomalies in hosting or network services - the user acknowledges full accountability when choosing to browse our website.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Information found on this website presents 'as is.' Soteria Worldwide Security and its affiliates cannot guarantee the accuracy or viability of information found on any websites owned by the company. The aforementioned includes any links and information provided by third-parties. We are not responsible for any errors, omissions, or misrepresentation of any information. To the fullest extent of applicable law - express or implied - the company, licensors and affiliates disclaim any warranties. These include, but are not limited to - warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. The disclaimer applies to any material found on our website or the content of any affiliates.


Without cause or reason, Soteria Worldwide Security may terminate access to the website and prevent future use. All information collected in the period of usage may be retained, forfeited, or destroyed. The terms set out by this agreement shall survive any termination protocols and continue to apply to any user that ceases interaction with the company.

Governing Law

The terms of use will govern by all applicable local, state, national and international laws. Should there be any changes, updates, or introduction of new legislation - the agreement will change to reflect full compliance.

Jury Waiver

By entering the terms of use - you acknowledge that Soteria Worldwide Security and yourself waive the right to a trial by jury - or trial before a judge in a public court.Where this provision is absent - the user and Soteria Worldwide Security may have had a right to settle disputes in a case filed in court. The aforementioned includes participating or represented by external parties in such cases - also applying to class action lawsuits. All of the noted rights above, judged by trial or jury, are waived. Other rights, including the right to appeal and types of discovery, may also be waived or limited.


Any terms, policies, or clauses found in this document discovered to be unenforceable or illegal - will be removed. The previous notion does not apply to a class-action lawsuit. In the event of a class-action proceeding where a breach in legislation presents -the entire Terms of Use are unenforceable - and any disputes will resolve in court.

Soteria Worldwide Security is giving highest priority to clean and safe environments. We have been very explicit in our instructions about cleanliness with practices that protect the health of our officers and to ensure client services and officer support remains uninterrupted.