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Risk Management Solutions

High profile entities are the most at risk in security compromises. Soteria understands threats to elite personnel like no other – procuring the most refined aura of safety. We have thrived on the most effective risk management solutions in the business. Our detailed and adaptable processes ensure safety for clients at all times. Well-versed in Close Corporate Executive Protective Services, Estate Security, Travel Protection, Global Threat Solutions, Risk Management Solutions, and Security Consulting.


Delve into our elite security for the world’s most prominent figures.
We provide a full range of
security, investigation, training,
and consulting services to our esteemed clients.
VIP | Executive Private Security Services


Soteria has some of the most highly trained and qualified security operatives in the business. Our experience in protecting VIPs stretches far and wide - from celebrities to corporate executives. The services offered pride themselves on flexibility and intricately tailored to client needs. With our vast network of personnel and extensive resources, no security challenge is too great.

VIP | Executive

Private Security Services



We offer a wide range of service types – all malleable to ensure that needs complete to an excellent standard. Protection sectors stretch from events, transport, personal security, and many more. Soteria is a reliable asset under any circumstance.


Soteria offers 9+ services that cover the spectrum of elite security needs. Should you be traveling, facing a public engagement, or hosting a high-profile event, we have a service that will meet and exceed expectations.

 - UV Cleaning Service*
 - Corporate Executive Protection
 - Estate Security
 - Worldwide Travel Protection
 - Business Security
 - TV, Film & Production Security
 - Valuable Commodities Transport
 - Special Event Security
 - Lounge, Restaurant, and Venue Security 



We have provided security for over 140 clients of the VIP definition. Soteria has built strong partnerships over our years of operation. We continue providing superior security solutions adaptable to any environment or conditions.
SOTERIA was the goddess or personified spirit of safety, and deliverance and preservation from harm.

How we approach Risk Managment


Explore business decisions based on variable risks, and threats


Access the probability of risks and threats.


Investigate the impact of decisions based on threat and probability


Finalize a plan of action for overall risk management

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New UV Cleaning Services

Disinfect and create a safe working environment

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Effective in removing parabens and germs

UV Cleaning seeks to create the perfect trifecta of sanitation services for our clients - a quick job, disinfected areas, and very affordable rates.

Soteria Worldwide Security is giving highest priority to clean and safe environments. We have been very explicit in our instructions about cleanliness with practices that protect the health of our officers and to ensure client services and officer support remains uninterrupted.