Soteria Worldwide Security maintains a commitment to safety above all else. We provide  top-notch security for individuals and groups that need to be protected – without any concerns of compromise or intrusion. Our highly qualified professionals have spent years securing exceptional profile and high net worth figures with our refined and adaptable security processes. Using advanced techniques, veteran personnel, and state-of-the-art technology, our security venture emanates the comfort and protection all VIPs desire. We have cultivated a haven of safety for numerous figures – from corporate executives, celebrities, and private individuals. Soteria has built a resounding trust amongst clients, and you can rely on us to protect your people and assets. 


Soteria Worldwide Security was founded in 2019 by Brandon M. Moore with the ideals of providing a reliable elite security force for high-profile figures. He has over 15 years of experience in the prevention, safety, and security industry in all service categories. That includes 10-years of purveying close protection for VIPs - the vast number of skills that Brandon has in management, assessment, and neutralization revered by clients. Brandon takes interpersonal service and organized, proficient security approaches into high regard. He has successfully lead multiple security firms throughout his career - developing a reputation of trustworthiness and ensure client comfort. The adaptability and tailored safety solutions he has provided for personnel of all categories have continued to be revered. The competencies he has amassed in firearms, threat detection, risk assessment, and security planning have made his services preferred. Celebrities, executives, and royalty have all referred to his superior security offerings. He has shared his knowledge and passion for protection amongst other veteran operatives to form Soteria - dedicate to the safety of VIPS. Brandon's extensive career experience and multiple qualifications have made him the perfect choice to lead security solutions. He built Soteria to provide the service that elite profile figures require without any hindrance or compromise. His dedication resounds through the team - ensuring sublime security service whenever and wherever needed.  

A Superior History of Core Competency

Brandon's success has developed from his understanding of personal security and public safety. His competence in varied industry areas has led him to be an influential figure on many other operatives. Quickly, he has risen through the ranks to not only provide excellent insight into risks and threats - but has trained others to do the same. He has developed risk assessment and training programs for multiple institutions, creating adaptable frameworks for consistent safety. Brandon continues to have strong partnerships with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies that respect his security vision - allowing Soteria to thrive.

Complete Education on Personal Safety

Brandon's education in security and risk touches on all the core elements of a competent operative. He has a proven record of going above and beyond to fulfill client requests - through dedicated knowledge acquired through experience and multiple academic programs. His ability to absorb information and apply it to current situations has yielded superior results throughout his career. The institutions Brandon has studied are at the peak of reverence in the industry. He has completed safety courses - including action programs in arrests and seizures and physical training. He is proficient in reporting technologies and platforms that enhance personal and event security.

Fully Licensed and Certified by Renowned Institutions 

The knowledge, insight, and ability in Brandon's repertoire are unparalleled. They underline the accredited certifications he has obtained from renowned institutions. He holds licenses in firearms, threat assessment, risk investigations, and executive protection - applicable throughout the country. Brandon also is qualified in a range of first aid courses allowing clients peace of mind in the rare event of injury. His focus, wisdom, and adaptability have worldwide application. Brandon is not limited to carrying out security operations in the United States. He has a superior understanding of protecting foreign executives, royalty, and VIP personnel - adept in international security standards. No task has ever proven too great. 

Premier Leadership Through Profession Security Experience

The majority of Brandon's experience has come in the Los Angeles area - but delivered on a global reach. As an international, bustling city - the 15 years of operation have seen a full range of action and executive assessments. The successes and results he has acquired in security have elevated him to leadership roles at a monumental pace. The experience includes corporate and executive protection of Fortune 100 clients. Further including security in high-profile entertainment events and the safe transportation of valuable assets. Brandon has taken every assignment with a remarkable resolve - a feature that has transferred him as one of the most revered security leaders in the present day.

Soteria Worldwide Security is giving highest priority to clean and safe environments. We have been very explicit in our instructions about cleanliness with practices that protect the health of our officers and to ensure client services and officer support remains uninterrupted.