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Executive Protection

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION- High-profile individuals in organizations come under the most threat within the ranks of the company and outside. Protection against threats is imperative to ensure personal well being and the health of the business. Soteria provides comprehensive protection for executives in the corporate and political fields. Through veteran experience in protecting world-renowned executives that list in Fortune 100 - we assure our clients premier safety. We use our tried and test methods or risk assessment, investigation, and planned actions to detail security at all times required. Soteria assures personnel of a perimeter safe from nuances and concern.

Corporate Business Security

CORPORATE BUSINESS SECURITY- Business assets are essential to making a company thrive. In the modern-day, threats continue to rise against organizations - such as thievery or compromise of personnel and company belongings. Soteria has a team of operatives with expertise in securing corporations - protecting present and future growth. We have a wide-ranging understanding of the security concerns of high-level corporations and operational vulnerabilities. Our experience of protecting interiors and exteriors of corporate interests takes past, current, and future knowledge of threats into account. Products, services, and personnel essential to growth will find complete and dedicated protection under our vise. 

Discrete Travel Transport

DISCRETE TRAVEL TRANSPORT- We understand the frequency that VIPs need to travel. Our operatives also comprehend  the sensitive nature of such travel - and the requirement of not alarming the public to movement. Soteria has a network of transport resources to ensure your journeys are discreet and well-protected from the external watch. Our professionals leverage the vast network of transport options in Soteria's repertoire to  ensure movement tailored to concerns. Getting clients from A to B with comfort, haste, and proficiency is of primary interest. We provide a responsive service, understanding  that travel may need to happen in rapidly changing circumstances - with availability around the clock. 

Valuable Commodities Transport

Valuable Commodities Transport- Organizations and individuals will invest invaluable resources that will attract unwanted attention. Many of these assets will need to be transported and be subject to external attack. Soteria exploits our expertise in commodity protection - using our high working knowledge and secure transport options to ensure a safe journey for any asset. Whatever the asset may be - large, small, sought-after, or unknown - we respect the need for privacy in transport. Our focus is to ensure its delivery to the assigned location - fully intact and in pristine condition for the recipient. The drivers and operatives involved are specialized in the transport of valuable commodities - and guarantee reliable service.

Special Event Security

SPECIAL EVENT SECURITY- Any host of a high-profile event will consistently have security concerns - they will always want their guest's experience to be flawless. Soteria possesses specialists that are adaptable to any requirements of special events. Our team has successfully protected a broad range of affairs - we are always alert and aware of potential threats. The agents in our ranks have been educated and certified in crowd control - including efficient assessments of the locale. We use the most advanced hardware and platforms to monitor every angle of events and identify threats before the breach perimeters. Our personnel creates a safe sphere for your event to guarantee a refreshed and peaceful aura throughout.

Lounge, Restaurant and Venue Security

Lounge, Restaurant and Venue Security- Whether your business excels in culinary prowess, provides a relaxing environment, or  sublime entertainment - security is of paramount importance. Soteria works to ensure your lounge, restaurant or venue maintains the aura that purveyors set out to achieve. We keep the secure and comfortable equilibrium that guests desire in their visits. Security personnel will post at discreet but watchful locations in the area, ensuring  minimal disruption for your esteemed guests. We maintain effective communication channels that send regular updates to management and assigned operatives. Furthermore, we use our state-of-the-art hardware to monitor all movements within the venue to oversee potential disturbances. 

Estate Security

Estate Security- Homes are sanctuaries away from the worries of the world. Any residence of a VIP should remain that way - free of interlopers and intruders wishing to cause havoc. Soteria ranks with operatives highly adept in personal protection. We convey round-the-clock monitoring and fast-acting solutions to bolster and maintain estate security. Our agents will conjure a complete plan of the estate as a reference - highlighting  potentially sensitive areas and detailing threats. They will maintain a patrol that puts sights on every corner of the property - regular updating supervisors and reporting on anomalies. We address the estates inhabitants on security protocols - where we can be contacted for instant action if necessary.

Global Threat Solutions | Security Consulting

Global Threat Solutions | Security Consulting- Soteria prides its name on being a global security venture. Our network stretches to the far corners of the earth - with working knowledge of security solutions in many worldly locales. We are a reliable source of information - and fully adept at neutralizing threats and security consultation anywhere.  Our operatives have veteran experience in foreign security affairs - affording our team superior competence in international protection standards. We understand the need for instant adaptability and addressing differing environments. Soteria provides training, consultation, and action with the parameters of any area. No matter which natural, physical, or cultural factors come into play. 

Other Services

Soteria's leadership has provided training and refinement for security programs worldwide. The experience and working knowledge of our operatives and service know no boundaries. We are fully capable of conjuring unique protection services should you not see any offer that meets your requirements listed here. 

Our customer support team is available to address any queries - please do not hesitate to contact us for any security service request. Outline your requirements, and we will adhere to every individual and organizational safety concern. Soteria prides itself on delivering success with a determined and adaptable mentality.

Soteria Worldwide Security is giving highest priority to clean and safe environments. We have been very explicit in our instructions about cleanliness with practices that protect the health of our officers and to ensure client services and officer support remains uninterrupted.